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Almost 10 years ago, DJ Antoine launched himself to an international level with the single “This Time”, followed by the key to his international success through the European hit „Welcome To St. Tropez“, and over 1'000'000 times sold and Impala awarded hit single „Ma Chérie“ in 2011. Zooming out again, it all started in 1995 in a club in Basel, Switzerland “House Café” where Antoine Konrad made a name within a short period of time through his funky sets and his stylish appearance. 

DJ Antoine’s success resulted in numerous CD releases with more than 3 million records sold, various awards such as 2 Triple and 1 Quadruple-Platinum-Awards which all now resulted in gigs, TV shows, events, connections and collaborations all over the world and the appearance in national and international newspapers and magazines on a regular basis.

Through his production company “Global Productions” he succeeded access to external songwriters, musicians, co-producers working for/with Madonna, Britney Spears, Pitbull, Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry and many more. DJ Antoine’s label “Houseworks” represents a few well-chosen artists such as: DJ Antoine himself, Mad Mark, Timati, Dimaro, Alex Costanzo and Dizkodude.

In 2015 his success and experience as producer led to RTL, one of the most important German private networks, where he was one of four jury members for a German talent show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (cf. American Idol), next to Dieter Bohlen, Heino and Mandy Grace Capristo.

The multi-talented DJ Antoine not only convinces with his musical productions, his show entertainment and his charismatic way of being. More than 2 Million followers on various social media channels from all around the world send their support to DJ Antoine which results in almost 600 Million YouTube-Views and over 130 shows / DJ Gigs per year.

He is also well known for his high professionalism, his sense of business and his elected taste and lifestyle that successfully resulted great collaborations with famous brands as an international brand ambassador for brands such as: Carl F. Bucherer, Cadillac Europe, Perrier-Jouët “Belle Epoque”, Ballantine’s, Molinari, HTC, Aigner, Falke, Angelo Galasso, Dom Rebel and Cazal. 

After the release of the last album " DJ Antoine - 2014 We Are The Party " DJ Antoine and his long-time studio partner Mad Mark spent many months developing and producing his new album “Provocateur” and new singles, partially in the Blackrock Studios on Santorini (Greece), working with various producers and songwriters. His new album “Provocateur” and the new singles encompass new musical directions and combines DJ Antoine’s talent with taste and his extraordinary capability to constantly come up with new ideas.

This already resulted in the release of an amazing club burner "#WokeUpLikeThis" and another exciting anthem, the summery and refreshing single “Holiday” feat. Akon which has conquered many charts in Europe.

Hard work, incredible passion, true commitment and his confidence in things he believes in but also the right partners, a strong team and most importantly the fans they always believed in him have brought DJ Antoine to the top. They inspire him for his great performances on stage but also in his studio during the development of producing new hits which is also why he cherishes the personal touch to his fans a lot.

The new year 2017 was already crowned quite early with the opening of DJ Antoine’s new office in Oberwil near Basel. The founding oft he company „Konrad Lifestyle AG“ led to another highlight very early in the year which offers the chance to the fan, follower, friends and other supporters to dive in, gain understanding and being part of his lifestyle. Collaborations with other brands related to interior design, fashion, exclusivity, food and beverage are being developed. It all together offers a complete unique insight in DJ Antoine’s lifestyle.

A first step into a great future of Konrad Lifestyle is DJ Antoine’s first own wine that has been presented early March 2017:


In Summer 2017 DJ Antoine and Dizkodude present a huge remake of one of the biggest soul anthems during the nineties, Shanice Wilson’s "I Love Your Smile". With this remake DJ Antoine and Dizkodude take you on an exciting time travel from 1991 into 2017.

Besides that, DJ Antoine is spending most of his time in the studio together with Mad Mark working on new, upcoming tracks.